The Symposium will consist of five plenary sessions (one for each day, with no parallel sessions) focusing on “interdisciplinary relations” rather than specific disciplines. The final objective is to let the participants perceive all the disciplinary overlaps and interactions that naturally arise, so that they may realize the extraordinary transdisciplinary potential of glaciology.

The duration of each oral presentation will probably be of 15 min + 5 min discussion. Oral presentations will be organized thematically whenever possible, unless the speaker or other conditions require otherwise.

Glaciology meets the…


9:00    Symposium opening

9:30    KEYNOTE LECTURE: Valerie Masson-Delmotte The Cryosphere in the IPCC Sixth Assessment Cycle

10:30  Physical Sciences: Iturbide, Maialen – The novel IPCC WGI Interactive Atlas for a flexible spatial and temporal analysis of past, present, and future climate on a regional scale

10:50  Life and environmental Sciences: Tranter, Martyn – DEEP PURPLE: Biological darkening of the Greenland Ice Sheet – the need for an interdisciplinary approach

Coffee break

11:40  Panel discussion: IPCC: Past, Present and Future. More info

Lunch break

15:00   Arts: Artekom (Fine Arts UPV/EHU). More info

15:15   Arts: Salt Road. More info

Coffee break

16:00  Formal Sciences and Engineering: Wolovick, Michael Relative Sea Level Predictions for Coastal Stakeholders

16:20  Formal Sciences and Engineering: Navarro, Francisco  Recent mass balance of the South Shetland Island glaciers and ice caps: when local/regional climate diverges from global patterns

16:40  Formal Sciences and Engineering: Hvidberg, Christine  Presence of Eemian ice in the Renland Ice Cap, East Greenland, supported by radar and ice core data

17:00  Physical Sciences: González Santacruz, Nicolás  Comparative study of the microstructure of polar ice (Antarctica and Greenland) and Monte Perdido Glacier (central Spanish Pyrenees)

17:20  Physical Sciences: Richards, Daniel  Numerical modelling of ice stream fabrics: Implications for recrystallization processes and basal drag

17:40  Life and environmental Sciences: Meinander, Outi – Black carbon in snow on Icelandic glaciers

Glaciology meets the…


9:30    KEYNOTE LECTURE: Alexandre Anesio – Recent Advances in Cryospheric Microbiology

10:30  Life and environmental Sciences: Aramendia, Julene – Cryo-Raman microscopic investigations on ice cores from Casteret Ice Cave

10:50  Life and environmental Sciences: Huidobro, Jennifer – Low temperature influence on the Raman spectra of Calcium-rich Sulphates on Mars: Raman thermometer for Low temperatures

Coffee break

11:40   Social Sciences: Rico Lozano, Ibai Ieltxu The glaciers of the Pyrenees in 2050: an approach to the cultural consequences of their disappearance

12:00   Social Sciences: Brugnach, Marcela – The human side of glaciology

12:20   Social Sciences: Galán, Elena – Discover the pastoral systems in Atlantic Pyrenees

12:40   Social Sciences: Tejerina, Benjamín – Walking between people and activists. The social impacts of citizen participation in scientific projects

Lunch break

15:00   Arts: Txema Agiriano

15:15   Arts: Jesús Mari Lazkano. More info

Coffee break

16:00  Panel Discussion: Transdisciplinary glaciology and social responsibility. More info

Glaciology meets the…


9:30    ISS Film Festival

10:30  Formal Sciences and Engineering: Blasco, Javier – The response of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to the PlioMIP2 climatic fields

10:50  Life and environmental Sciences: Santolaria-Otín, María – Disentangling anthropogenic from natural drivers of the climate variability in High Mountain Asia

Coffee break

11:40  Physical Sciences: Greve, Ralf – Reduced mass loss from the Greenland ice sheet under stratospheric aerosol injection

12:00  Formal Sciences and Engineering: Pérez-Montero, Sergio –Assessment of the sensitivity of ice-sheet model Yelmo to ice-shelf collapse

12:20  Formal Sciences and Engineering: González de Diego, Gonzalo – Numerical approximation of viscous contact problems applied to glacial sliding

12:40  Physical Sciences: Moreno, Daniel – Periodicity of free oscillations for a finite ice column

Lunch break

15:00  Midweek excursion: Flysch and Gaztelugatxe

Glaciology meets the…


9:30    SELIGMAN CRYSTAL LECTURE: Catherine Ritz – A history of challenges and advances in ice sheet modeling

10:30  Life and environmental Sciences: Juárez-Martínez, Antonio – Ice-ocean interactions in Antarctica and its contribution to sea level in the coming centuries

10:50  Social Sciences: Wolovick, Michael – Feasibility of Ice Sheet Conservation Using Seabed Anchored Curtains

Coffee break

11:40  Social Sciences:  Dannevig, Halvor – The agency of melting glaciers

12:00  Social Sciences: Albert, Mathias – The Worldviews of Ice

12:20  Social Sciences: Rivera Macedo, Linda – Drivers behind international adaptation aid for mountain regions

12:40  Social Sciences: Sandré, Tanguy – Climate and local narratives to make sense of resilience in the face of changing sea-ice conditions: case studies in Ittoqqortoormiit (East Greenland) and Uummannaq (West Greenland)

Lunch break

15:00   Poster Session

Coffee break

16:00   Panel Discussion: Moving Ice. More info


19:30  Symposium Banquet: Guggenheim Museum

Glaciology meets the…


9:30    KEYNOTE LECTURE: Michael Bravo – The Cryosphere’s Shared Past: Nature and Culture.

10:30  Humanities: De Pomereu, Jean – Cryoscapes: from Awe to Loss

10:50  Humanities: Ayerdi, Miren – The hunter-gatherer societies of the Cantabrian region in light of the paleoenvironmental dynamics of the last glacial period

Coffee break

11:40  Social Sciences: Zabaleta, Ane – The assessment of geological hazards in a remote Karakoram valley (Hushe).

12:00  Social Sciences: Ribeiro de Figueredo, Anderson –  The Andean Socio-cryosphere and its historical adaptation to glacier-related hazards in Cordillera Blanca, Peru

12:20  Social Sciences: Izagirre, Eñaut –  The southernmost natives of the world, who painted their faces to look at the glaciers

12:40  Social Sciences: Menéndez, Jaime – Assessing sustainability strategies in the oil and gas sector through an iceberg view

13:00  Symposium closing